• Lunch Special

  • 8.00Chicken Kobideh
    Charbroiled mixture of ground chicken breast, minced onions & saffron
  • 8.50Chicken Filet Kebob
    Charbroiled marinated chicken fillet
  • 8.50Chicken Shish Kebab
    Charbroiled marinated chicken breast, bell peppers& onions
  • 10.50Chicken Soltani Kebab
    Combination of chicken fillet & beef koobideh kabab
  • 7.50Kobideh Kebab
    Charbroiled mixture of ground beef, minced onions & seasonings
  • 11.50Barg Kebab
    Charbroiled marinated filet mignon
  • 9.50Beef Shish Kebab
    Charbroiled chunks of marinated beef tenderloin with bell peppers & onions
  • 14.50Beef Soltani Kebab
    Combination of filet mignon & beef koobideh kabab
  • 9.00Lamb Kobideh Kebab
    Charbroiled mixture of ground lamb, minced onions & seasonings
  • 10.50Lamb Shish
    Charbroiled marinated lamb loin with bell peppers & onions
  • 11.50Mahi Mahi Kebab
    Charbroiled marinated mahi mahi served with basmati rice mixed with fresh parsley, chives, garlic & cilantro (Sabzi Polo)