• Sides

  • 1.29Pita Bread
  • 2.95Fluffy Basmati Rice
  • 2.49Kalamata Olive
  • 10.00Gheymeh
  • 2.19Pepperoncini
  • 11.00Gheymeh Badmejan
  • 0.75Grilled Tomato
  • 11.00Gormeh Sabzi
  • 2.59Feta Cheese
  • 12.00Fesenjan
  • 2.59Walnuts
  • 0.99Cucumber
  • 1.99Grilled Onion
  • 3.95Torshi Dip
    Pickled vegetables & herbs in vinegar
  • 2.79Grilled Peppers
    one whole tomato
  • 6.95Adas Polo
    Basmati rice mixed with sautéed onion, lentils, dates & raisins
  • 6.95Albalo Polo
    Sour cherries mixed with basmati rice (be careful of pits)
  • 8.95Loobia Polo
    Sautéed beef tenders & green beans simmered in fresh tomato sauce, saffron mixed with basmati rice
  • 6.95Baghala Polo
    Fresh dill weed and fava beans mixed with basmati rice
  • 6.95Sabzi Polo
    Basmati rice mixed with fresh parsley, chives, garlic and cilantro
  • 6.95Zereshk Polo
    Barberries and saffron mixed with basmati rice